Welcome to the GameDays 2014

April 1-4, 2014 - 4th International Conference on Serious Games and public day at April 5

The GameDays are fully dedicated to Serious Games and technologies, research concepts and methods for the creation, control/management and evaluation of Serious Games in a broad spectrum of application domains beyond pure entertainment. Examples include learning and training applications as well as health and sport or culture and tourism.

Scientists and practitioners are cordially invited to present their latest research achievements and best-practice results and to submit full papers (e.g., surveys, reports of new research approaches that cover related work, new concepts and at least first user studies), short papers (e.g. best-practice results or new ideas and concepts, not necessarily empirically assessed with an evaluation study), demo papers (description of implemented games, products and prototypes), poster presentations (new ideas, research approaches, work in progress) or workshop proposals (2 hours or half day).

The scientific program April 1-4 is complemented by a public day on Saturday, April 5. Here, the public is cordially invited to join the second Serious Games (Team) Challenge in Darmstadt and play a set of Serious Games or to learn more about the development and use of Serious Games in some workshops.

Impressions of the last conference can be found on the website of GameDays 2012.

Interactive Schedule

Tue April 1 Wed April 2 Thu April 3 Fri April 4 Sat April 5
International Conference Public Day (German)*
Welcome Reception
GI workshop
Paper Presentations
Conference Dinner
Paper Presentations
Best Paper Award Cocktail Party
Workshops Serious Games (Team) Challenge

* The public day is not part of the int'l conference. Though, participants are invited to participate at the Rallye.


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